Child-safe, parent-ready holiday properties

'Children allowed' or 'family-friendly' does not always mean a holiday home
is safe for your small child or equipped for your needs as a parent.

Every property on Digs4Kids has what a family travelling with infants or toddlers needs you can all enjoy your stay.

Why book a small, ill-equipped hotel room when for the same money you can rent
a spacious, fully-equipped gite, apartment, cottage or perhaps a villa?
You could even have friends or family join you.

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Why book a holiday property through

Every property listed on has to have the following as a minimum:

  • Changing mat
  • Baby bath
  • Stroller
  • Electricity outlets covered
  • Cot or travel cot
  • Fridge (for milk and medicines)
  • Children's plastic dinnerware
  • Stair gates (if there are internal stairs)
  • Infant-safe bedding
  • Potty

This list can be exceeded with over 20 other child-safety and parental needs features and facilities which are optional for a host to provide.

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Are your entire family's needs met?

Are the internal stairs gated? Is there a babybath? Are all the unused electrical outlets sealed? Is there a cot or high chair? Will there be a stroller or car seat?

What about treats for mummy and daddy? Any chance of a babysitter? Where's the nearest good restaurant? Dad doesn't want to miss that game, so will there be free wifi?

Relax, we've done all the hard work finding truly family-friendly accommodation. Now you can book your stay knowing that the digs for your kids has everything you need.

Your perfect family holiday starts here.

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Now you can travel further

You are no longer limited to where you can only drive to with everything you might need. That place abroad you've always wanted to see doesn't have to wait until your little one is older.

You don't have to hassle with a stroller and travel cot in addition to everything else you'll be carrying, especially if you're flying somewhere. Those items will be waiting for you at your kid's accommodation.

Have a look at some of our listings to see what else a property could have. Some offer special treats like massage, yoga and in-house dining for frazzled parents.


Other benefits of booking via


Every property listed here has to meet a minimum standard of parent-readiness, over and above its usual role as a good holiday property for adults.

Peace of mind

Adventurous crawlers and inquisitive hands will find stairs and swimming pools gated, electricity sockets covered and few breakables to play with.

No extra fees

Unlike some other booking sites we do not charge you any booking fees or hidden extras. The price quoted by the host is the price you pay.

We care

Our hosts are usually parents too and as such know what you need. They aim to please you because this is their business.


Knowing that your child's needs are seen to allows you to relax and enjoy the trip yourself. That overdue good sleep might happen.

Infants and toddlers welcome

Via Digs4Kids you'll find special places that are geared towards infants and toddlers, not just tolerate them.

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