Father daughter vacation

Hello, I'm Vaughan Vandenberg, father to lively little Valerie. Recently I wanted to take my family on holiday but couldn't find a suitable property. The ones I liked didn't allow children. Those properties that did allow children were not suitable. I struggled to find one that was safe for Valerie and equipped for our parental needs. There's a big difference between 'children allowed' and 'child-safe, parent-ready'.

I quickly became fed up with finding more pet-friendly holiday properties than child-friendly ones. I'm doing something about it by delivering a website geared towards parents with young children. Not all travellers needs are the same and the family market has been under-served for far too long.

I once operated a vacations rentals business on a new luxury holiday resort. This involved seeing to the hopes of the absentee property owners and the daily needs of the paying guests. Imagine having 54 properties under management. Making sure that properties were safe and rentable again, while checking guests out and getting a property cleaned just in time for the next occupants kept me very busy. Any free time was spent marketing the website to guests and dealing with queries.

All this has stood me in good stead by helping me understand the expectations of property owners and the needs of guests.

Through this website I am matching those expectations and needs.

Not too long ago in malls and supermarkets there weren't any baby-changing facilities or toilets for disabled people. Until enough voices spoke up this need was ignored. So I'm putting the question out there: Why are there so few suitable facilities for families with small children in the holiday rental property market?

I'm on a mission to raise the standard of accommodation for travelling families. I'm intent on making travel easier for people with children who are put off by the lack of choice. At the same time I'm informing holiday property owners of the benefits of catering to this market. I believe the change I am intent on bringing about can be done on a win-win basis.

I would like it if you were to join me in my mission.

Your friend in the family hospitality market.

Vaughan Vandenberg

P.S. I hope that you find this website to your liking, but if you don't please let me know. Is there something you need but can't find? Do you have a suggestion for me to help me in my quest? Besides an open door and inbox, I also have an open mind. Feel free to contact me directly at: vaughan (at) digs4kids (dot) com