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Blog #2 - 13th April 2018 – Vaughan Vandenberg

It's a matter of trust.

Email is a powerful medium if used correctly. Sadly it is becoming so abused it's approaching irrelevance. For years we've been bombarded by spam artists, but nowadays they are being overtaken in the daily irritation stakes by large companies, in particular online travel agents.

If you go to most of the big household name's websites, what happens is that if you have an account with them, they in effect spy on you. For days afterwards you'll receive daily emails – sometimes more than once a day - asking if they can help you with your booking or suggest properties they are marketing.

Their over-staffed, over-paid IT departments keep themselves in a job by coming up with new ways to get people to spend money. Their under-pressure, target-driven marketing departments go along with anything IT says. Dilbert would feel at home amongst today's online travel agents.

The result is that their behaviour has overstepped the mark of good practise – they now badger their customers. I am loathe to give my email address to big corporate websites for fear of it leading to a deluge of irrelevant, annoying spam dressed up in marketing hype.

At the heart of all human interaction is trust. We all trust that the other person will do as they promised. We give first trusting that there will be reciprocation. An abuse of our email addresses does not drive sales, instead it eats away at trust and that inevitably erodes sales. All that is required for any relationship to break down is for one party's behaviour to become unacceptable to another party.

Digs4Kids does not abuse the trust that people put into us by giving us their email address. We only contact people when it is appropriate or necessary. We believe in building trust as that is what makes relationships strong and mutually rewarding.

Guests can create an account with in order to leave a review about a property that they booked through us. They need not fear that a torrent of emails will pursue them as a consequence. Property owners can create their accounts without worrying about what their inbox will receive from us. does not use cookies and your email address to spy on you and then pester you. We find that a reprehensible practice.

Instead good ol' fashioned business sense prevails at give people what they want.

Blog #1 - 27th December 2017 – Vaughan Vandenberg

It all starts here!

Welcome to our inaugural blog. We are excited to be launching this website, hoping to please guests and property owners alike.

Somewhere along the way the holiday property rental industry has lost its way. The state of affairs today suits nobody except the big players. Money is being siphoned out of the pockets of guests and property owners alike. This business model is not sustainable. In part it has given rise to the likes of AirBnb because people simply couldn't afford to pay more. However, along with success and corporatization has come quarterly targets...and greed. Guests are peeved and owners are fuming.

I find this a sad state of affairs, but it needn't be this way.

I'm rolling back the clock to a simpler, clearer and fairer time. One where guests paid the price they saw and weren't hit with all sorts of fees. A time when a couple running a holiday lets business knew what their costs were and what guests actually paid for.

The independent vacation rental operator has never had it so tough, given the highly competitive market nowadays. It is more important than ever to stand out in a thronging crowd. Relying on being the only accommodation in a small town just doesn't cut it any more. Anyone with a spare bedroom is now your competitor.

Standing out requires doing something different. Here at Digs4Kids we believe that equipping your property to cater for the young family market is a viable option. It is a market that the hospitality industry has not taken seriously and has under-served.

Digs4Kids exists to offer a choice of quality products at reasonable prices to a forgotten market. We also aim to provide a platform for holiday rental property owners prepared to cater to this niche market.

We hope that you join us in our journey.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Why not tell someone you know who has kids and needs a break about us? Of course, list your property if you see the sense in what we're saying.

P.S. Because we're in our launch phase, we're offering free directory listings for six months to the first 50 properties to register. Commission-only listings (not directory) don't ever pay any kind of fee upfront on, only the modest commission when there is a booking. So there really is no excuse not to register your property because there is no risk.