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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why should I cater for the young families market?

A: This is a poorly-served market. 'Children allowed' unfortunately usually means that facilities are “basic”. Imagine a world of only two-star hotels. That's what the young family market is generally being offered. is striving to offer a selection of higher quality accommodation. In an increasingly competitive hospitality industry it is vital that your property stands out in some way. Your being part of this niche with few true competitors could be your unique selling point.

Furthermore, parents with young children are loath to jump on a long-haul flight because of the practicalities of what they need. Dragging a bulging suitcase in one hand, a stroller in the other hand and a car seat slung over his shoulder while hoping that the checked-in travelcot makes it over too is no father's ideal start to a trip. But if they know that someone is waiting at the airport on the other side with a car seat and stroller plus everything they could need at the property then they are more likely to travel...and to book with you. Imagine being attractive to a far bigger market, the international market.

Q: Isn't the children's market characterized by spikes in bookings over school holidays?

A: Only if you are limiting yourself to your domestic market. If you equip your property fully so that it appeals to guests from further afield then your market is much bigger because school holidays are a year-round feature. For example, France has divided its schools into three geographic zones for holidays, so all three zones are never on holiday at the same time. Also, pre-school children are not subject to school timetables. Most countries only send their kids to school from the age of six and some even later, such as Sweden, at seven.

Q: So what's involved in getting my property child-safe and parent-ready? How much will it cost?

A: Child safety involves making sure that sharp edges are minimized and points of danger are concealed. Go through your property and remove decorative ornaments below shoulder-height. Store these off-site. Get plastic covers for all unused electricity outlet points. Make sure shelves can't be pulled over; cut up old cd's into small pieces and place these under the feet of shelving units. Equipment for infants and toddlers can be bought for only a few hundred. If you choose to buy an expensive car seat (where this is a legal requirement) or stroller then of course this will cost more. Things like a new changing mat, high chair, stair gates, baby bath, cot or travel cot are economically sourced. The small investment that might be required should be quickly recouped.

Q: What is the minimum requirement of child safety and facilities to be listed on

  • Changing mat
  • Baby bath
  • Stroller
  • Electricity outlets covered
  • Cot or travel cot
  • Fridge (for milk and medicines)
  • Children's plastic dinnerware
  • Stair gates (if there are internal stairs)
  • Child-safe bedding
  • Potty

We are of the opinion that if you wish to appeal to the long-distance, international travelling family that a child's car seat is a good idea. It's not mandatory on but can be a good investment.

Q: What are my listing options?

A: We offer two account types: directory listing and commission-only.

1) The directory listing account:

  • you provide your contact details and guests contact you directly.
  • you deal with guest payments
  • you handle contracts and cancellations
  • no commission, just the annual fee
  • no guest fees or charges
  • can have up to five properties associated with your account
  • is paid annually in advance
  • costs £100/US$135/€115 per year

2) The fee-free, commission-only listing account:

  • we deal with guest payments
  • we use secure payment mechanisms
  • we deal with cancellations
  • unlimited number of properties associated with your account
  • no annual fees
  • no charges or hidden extras to annoy guests
  • 10% commission on bookings

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Q: What do I get with my listing?

A: A directory listing comes with up to 20 photographs and a link to a video. You can have less than that on your page, but good photographs are your greatest means of converting browsers into guests. You can also have a link to your own website and phone number.

A commission-only listing comes with the ability to upload 25 photographs and 2 links to videos. Your contact details are kept private and only revealed to your guest once you have a confirmed booking.

Both options come with the following:

- You can describe your property in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. This option is becoming increasingly important in today’s market. If you speak any of these languages then you should mention it in your description.

- The rates you set are displayed in the guest's choice of three currencies: British Pound, Euro and US dollar.

- You can set as many price rates as you want for the year and charge extra for weekends.

- You are not restricted to nominating one changeover day.

- You can set a minimum number of nights per booking.

- Your availability calendar shows ‘pending’ bookings, as well as booked, available and inactive.

- Our system allows you to demonstrate to your potential guests what you, your property and your local area have to offer.

- Each property can be 'Featured' on the search page for a small additional fee.

- Only guests who are registered on who actually stayed at your property can post a review. Genuine feedback increases trust with future potential guests. You can review feedback and respond to it.

- Preview your property page before activating it on the website for public viewing.

- Our system supports iCal calendar updates.

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