Digs4Kids & Online security

Digs4Kids takes online security very seriously. For example, if you look at the top of your browser towards this website's address you'll see that it begins 'https' or shows a padlock icon with 'secure' next to it. This means that we have a SSL certificate installed on our servers and that nobody can pretend to be us. This also enables transactions to be secure and can not be intercepted as would be the case with a website without a SSL certificate. Credit card details used on the site are encrypted so that only the sending and receiving banks see the details; we do not. We have also employed a myriad of other software security measures that we shall not disclose here.

If you are a property owner and have provided us with your bank details for remuneration, we do not store those details on our server. We keep those separate on a device not connected to the internet. As a strategic security decision we also do not make use of any cloud-based storage facility.

Unfortunately, as technology evolves, the type of scams and tricks people try to pull become more sophisticated. Here's some information on the type of scams that are out there, so you can be aware and know what to do if you spot something untoward

Be alert for unexpected phone calls, text messages or emails pretending to be from your bank, utility or telecoms company; even the police.

Fraudsters use the following tactics to obtain your information:

1) Vishing: Fraudsters contact you by phone, trying and get you to send money to another account, or divulge card details

2) Phishing - Fraudsters might send you an email, which looks like it's from us, to trick you into giving them personal and financial information

3) Smishing (SMS phishing): Fraudsters might send you a text message, which looks like it is from your bank about your booking with us. They might try to trick you into giving over your personal and financial information by getting you to call a number or clicking on a link. If we need to talk to you about a transaction we will always ask you to call us back..

Here are some tips to help you spot such scams and what to do to prevent yourself from falling victim to them:

- Always be wary of surprise approaches by phone, especially if asked to provide any of your personal information, usernames, passwords or bank details.

- If you are suspicious about a call, simply terminate the call and call us back using a different phone line or Skype if possible.

- If an email looks suspicious, do not click on links or download any attached documents.

If you receive any such surprise approaches or have any questions or suggestions then feel to send these in to us at: admin @ digs4kids.com

Q: We see that your site allows reviews. Can this be abused?

A: Only people who have registered on this site can leave reviews. Nasty competitors caught abusing our review system will be shocked to learn that their IP address is logged and they are reported to their ISP and hosting company. It's sad that some people resort to underhand tactics but we do our best to counter them. Any negative reviews are discussed with the property owner concerned.