Digs4Kids Anti-spam policy

Key details

Our anti-spam policy describes how Digs4Kids.com deals with the issue of unsolicited email, also known as "spam".

1. Introduction

1.1 In the context of electronic messaging, "spam" means unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, usually sent for a commercial purpose.

1.2 We hate spam and therefore have a zero-tolerance spam policy.

2. Spam filtering

2.1 Our messaging system automatically scans all incoming email messages and filters out messages that appear to be spam.

2.2 We also report incoming spam emails to third-party online services that deal with this problem. This can result in IP addresses and domain names being blacklisted by ourselves and other websites or email addresses.

3. Spam filtering issues

3.1 No message filtering system is always totally accurate, so occasionally legitimate messages will be filtered out by our anti-spam system.

3.2 If you believe that a legitimate message you sent has been filtered out by our system, please advise us by contacting us by phone.

3.3 You can reduce the risk of a message being filtered incorrectly by:

(a) sending the message in plain text instead of HTML,

(b) removing message attachments,

(c) avoiding terminology and text styling sed by spammers, or

(d) scan your messages for malware before sending them.

4. User spam

4.1 Digs4Kids.com provides a mechanism that enables users to send email messages to others. Users must not use this messaging facility to store, copy, send, relay or distribute spam.

5. Receipt of unwanted messages from us

5.1 In the unlikely event that you receive any message from us or appears to be sent using our systems that may be considered to be spam, please contact us and the matter will be investigated.

6. Variation

6.1 We may amend this policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website.